My Facebook Group Is Not Showing In Business Integrations

There are many reasons why a Facebook Group may not show up when you try to add it, with several steps that can address the issue here. That said, most times the solution is to fix your permissions in Facebook’s settings, in Business Integrations

But what if your Facebook Group doesn't show in Business Integrations? 

Why Is My Facebook Group Not Showing In Business Integrations?

We’ve come across a peculiarity of Facebook whereby adding a Facebook group to SmarterQueue first can cause it to show up under Apps and Websites and not Business Integrations as it should. If you've never connected a Facebook Page to SmarterQueue, but have tried connecting a Facebook Group, then this may be why you're not seeing your Group inside of Business Integrations. 

In order to fix this, please follow the steps below: 

1. On the Facebook website, Navigate to 'Settings & privacy'

2. Then continue to 'Settings' > 'Apps and Websites'

3. Find the SmarterQueue App, check the box next to is, and click on 'Remove'.

4. You can now try adding your Page/Group again in SmarterQueue 🎉