📹 Getting Started | Create & Publish To Instagram

Create and publish  video, carousel, and single-image posts to your Instagram Feed, Stories, and Reels 📱 Preview your feed and create a beautiful layout!

Video Walkthrough


  1. Navigate to 'Create a Post' to create your Instagram content then save it to your Queue
  2. Click 'Instagram Grid' to view and plan your Instagram Feed and drag and drop posts into a beautiful layout  
  3. Download the SmarterQueue Mobile App available for iOS and Android, login, and be sure to accept all permissions
  4. When it's time to post, you'll receive a push notification on your smartphone that you can then open and easily complete posting to Instagram! 

More Details

Check out our main article on how publishing to Instagram works with SmarterQueue, to find out what posts publish directly and which ones require the SmarterQueue Mobile App. 

Please also see these helpful articles for more detailed information on how to create carousel and video posts as well as posting to the Instagram Feed and Stories