Social Media Calendar (2024-2025) - Content Download

Changes to Facebook Groups Publishing

Facebook unexpectedly decided to remove Groups API access, preventing any third-party tools, including SmarterQueue, from interacting with your Facebook Groups. After April 22nd, 2024, SmarterQueue will no longer be able to publish directly to groups you manage. You can still schedule posts for these groups, but will receive email notifications for easy manual posting instead. You may also wish to consider transitioning to a Facebook Page for better engagement.

Posting regularly is vital in maintaining a relationship with your followers, but sometimes you might find it difficult to come up with new engaging content.

We want to make sure that you never miss an opportunity!  Stay on top of your social media presence and plan for all the important holidays with the SmarterQueue 2024-2025 Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar - Content Download

Staying connected with your followers during the Holidays can be magical. Never miss out on opportunities to bond with your audience on those special days that might be super important for them.

SmarterQueue has you covered with the 2024 Holiday Calender and posts that can be easily integrated into your Queue within a few seconds. 

Would you like to connect with your audience on  Valentine's Day πŸ’πŸ’, International Women's Day πŸ‘©πŸŽ‰, Labor Day βš’οΈοΈπŸ§°, or Halloween πŸ¦‡πŸŽƒπŸ‘»?

Are you looking to share a fun lovely moment on  National Chocolate Chip Day πŸͺ, Pizza Day πŸ•, or Teddy Day 🧸? 

SmarterQueue has you covered! 

You can download the Social Media Holiday Calendar here:  Holiday Calendar 2024-2025

πŸ’‘ This Calendar covers the year 2024 (beginning of 2025), so based on when you download it, some dates may have passed. Make sure to remove them from the file or change the dates before you upload them.

Now you can import and schedule posts that will help you send your warm wishes on Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ„, share your New Year's Resolutions πŸ₯‚βœ¨and think of those around you on Kindness Day πŸ™Œ or the International Day of Charity πŸƒ. 

Honor your customers πŸ’, teachers πŸ“š, siblings πŸ‘«, pets 🐈 and send a virtual hug on National Hug Day πŸ€—

We've already added a recommended Category name in the file for you, along with the dates and times for the posts to be published on the exact Holidays. 

πŸ’‘ When editing, you might see special characters shown in the text component of the post. Depending on the software you use when opening the CSV, any emojis in the posts might be displayed as special characters. When importing in SmarterQueue the emojis will be displayed instead. 

You can also download our Summer and Winter recommended posts to help you fill up your Queue and adjust your seasonal marketing campaign:

You can always edit these template posts to align with your product & brand. Some of them would require that you enter your Brand/Company/Product Name in the space allotted as shown below:

We've already added a recommended Category name in the file for you, but don't forget to add a time & date for scheduling purposes, or just send them to the Queue and publish based on the Timeslots in your Posting Plan. 

And you can even use Seasonal Categories to ensure that the right content is going out during the right time of the year.