How To Publish First Comments

Add first comments to your posts for Instagram Business Profiles, Facebook Pages as well as Linkedin Company Pages & Personal Profiles right from the Post Editor. 🥳

If you've been looking to keep your Instagram posts tidy by adding all of your hashtags to your first comment or start engaging with your audience on your Facebook and LinkedIn posts right away, we've got you covered.  

Simply create, schedule, and automatically post the first comment along with your post via SmarterQueue. 💪

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How Do I Add A First Comment To My Post?

You can easily add the first comment to your posts from within the Post Editor. You can do this as you create new posts to send to your Queue, or by editing already existing posts that are waiting to be published. 

1. Head over to " Create a Post" or edit an existing post.

2. Create your Post or make any necessary edits: choose a Category, select the Social Profile(s) you want to post to, add your text, and media components.

Note: For  Instagram Business Profiles, you must first  enable direct publishing in order to have the 'Add First Comment' option come up in the Post Editor. 

3. Select "Add First Comment" to add the first comment to the post. 

4. Add your first comment - this will automatically update the post's preview on the right-hand side, within the Preview pane, to show what the post will look like with the first comment added. 

Note: Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags to be published with a post. If you're publishing to Instagram and adding hashtags to both your post and the first comment, the total number between them can't be over 30.

5. Then select (or edit, if necessary) your Post Timing and Evergreen Post Recycling options and save/publish the post. 💪

💡 Note: You can easily convert your Personal Instagram Profile into a Business one and start adding first comments to your posts.  

How Does My First Comment Work With Multiple Social Profiles?

SmarterQueue allows you to schedule and publish content for multiple social profiles at the same time. 

While the "First Comment" feature is only available for Instagram Business Profiles, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages, you can still schedule your content for all of the required social platforms, and add your first comment only to the desired supported profiles. 

Adding Multiple Supported Social Profiles

If you select an Instagram Business Profile, a Facebook Page, and a LinkedIn Profile/Page for your post, the content you add in the "First Comment" box will be used for all three social profiles by default and will be visible in the previews for all the resultingposts. 

That said, you don't have to add the first comment to all three social profiles. Simply uncheck the box for the ones you'd like to publish the regular post, without the first comment. 

Adding Both Supported And Unsupported Social Profiles

When creating your post, you can select any or all of the social profiles that you've connected to your SmarterQueue account.

Any information you add in the "First Comment" field will only be applied to supported social profiles, while your post will be published to all selected platforms. 

In the example above, we've added multiple social profiles. We can see in the Preview pane that the first comment is visible for Instagram, but not for Twitter, which isn't supported.