How To Add Images To Your Post

Using great images with your social media posts is the best way to communicate in today's quick-moving world. 📷

SmarterQueue allows you to easily add multiple images to your posts in just a few quick steps, which will help attract your follower's attention, easily get your message across, and increase engagement.

How To Add Images To Your Post

1. To get started, create your Post in the Post Editor: choose a Category, select the Social Profile(s) you want to post to, and add your text.

2. Then select the ' Media' icon. 

3. The 'Add Media' popup will appear. Select ' Upload an Image/GIF'. 

4. This will allow you to browse your computer for the images that you want to add. 

You'll be able to select multiple images at once and click 'Open' to add them to your post. The Post Editor will let you continue editing your post as the images are processed. 

Alternatively, you can drag and drop images in the Post Editor to add to your post. 

Note: How many images you can add depends on the Social Profiles you've selected to publish the post to. In summary:

- Facebook posts can have  10 images

- Instagram posts can have 10 images

- LinkedIn posts can have 20 images

- Twitter posts can have 4 images

- Pinterest only supports 1 image