Why Am I Getting A Warning To "Add More Evergreen Content"?

If you see this warning, it means that you have too few posts or too many Timeslots. The Evergreen posts in that Queue will post once and then pause. As a result, some of your posts will not go out as expected until you make some changes.  

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Why Am I Getting A Warning To "Add More Evergreen Content"?

Inside your Queue, you may notice a warning icon next to some of our posts as well as a notice that "some posts will not be published": 

Hover over the triangle warning icon for more instructions, then open the info pane on the right-hand of your screen: 

If you have too many Timeslots added to your Posting Plan, or not enough posts will see the following warning displayed in the info pane:

This warning is in place to prevent spam and ensure that you adhere to the terms and conditions for your connected Social Profiles. 

Note: You should never have more than 2x as many Timeslots as you have posts (for any Category-profile combination, or "Sub-Queue"). 

This is to ensure that you don't post the same piece of content too frequently. 

Here are some examples of why this error may appear:

  1. Too many Timeslots: If you have a profile that has 10 Timeslots for the ‘Articles’ Category, you should have at least 5 Evergreen posts in the ‘Articles’ Category. This is to prevent the same content from being published more than twice per week.
  2. Not enough posts: If you have a profile with 5 Evergreen posts, but 6 Timeslots are on the same day, it would cause a post to be published twice on that day, which would be seen as duplicate spam.

How To Resolve

There are two ways to resolve this warning:

  1. Add some more Evergreen posts to the relevant Sub-Queue  
  2. Remove some Timeslots from the Sub-Queue's Posting Plan

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For example:

  • If you have 10 Timeslots, and 3 Evergreen posts, for one Sub-Queue:
    • Add 2 more Evergreen posts to that Sub-Queue for a total of 5 Evergreen posts
  • If you have 6 Timeslots on one day, and only 5 Evergreen posts in your Queue:
    • Move one of the Timeslots to a different day (or remove it entirely)
    • Add 1 more Evergreen post to your Queue