What Are The Differences Between One-Time Posts And Evergreen Posts?

When you are creating content in the Post Editor, you will see this option for Evergreen Post Recycling:

This allows you to select if you want this post to be a One Time Post or an Evergreen Post!

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What Is A One-Time Post?

A one time post is a post you have curated to be published to your social media profiles only once.

It will be added to your Queue in the location you have selected in the Post Editor (bottom/top/post now) and after it is published it will not be re-added to your Queue.

  • Example of a one-time post;

What Is An Evergreen Post?

An Evergreen post is a post that will be re-added to the bottom of your Queue (recycled), once it has been published to your social media profile(s).

Evergreen is an amazing way to get the most engagement out of your content.

We have also written a fantastic article that goes a little deeper into what is possible and just How Evergreen Post Recycling Works.

  • Example of an Evergreen post which is queued up fir its first cycle;

How Do I Select The Type Of Post?

From the Post Editor, you will see an option for Evergreen Recycling. 

From here you can choose to 'Post once' or 'Re-Queue after posting'. 

You can also choose just how many times you would like to recycle! 💪

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