What Happens To My Queue If I Delete A Post?

If you delete a post from your Queue, the rest of the Queue will "move up" to fill that Timeslot ⬆

💡 All posts that are added to your Queue have an order. Post 1 at the top will publish first, while Post 10 at the bottom will publish last. 

When you add a new post to your Queue, you can decide if it goes;

For example, let's say you have content in your Queue, and the next upcoming Timeslot is 9 am. If you delete the post that is Queued at 9 am, you will see your Queue fill the gap with your next upcoming Queued post in that Category to be published at 9 am. 

If your goal is to not post at that specific time, however, you should delete that Timeslot from your Posting Plan rather than deleting a particular post.