What Happens To My Queue If I Delete A Post?

If you delete a post from your Queue, the rest of the Queue will "move up" to fill that Timeslot ⬆

💡 All posts that are added to your Queue have an order. Post 1 at the top will publish first, while Post 10 at the bottom will publish last. 

When you add a new post to your Queue, you can decide if it goes;

For example, let's say you have content in your Queue, and the next upcoming Timeslot is 9 am. If you delete the post that is Queued 9 am, you will see your Queue fill the gap with your next upcoming Queued post in that Category to be published at 9am. 

If your goal is to not post at that specific time, however, you should delete that Timeslot from your Posting Plan rather than deleting a particular post. 

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