How To Re-Order & Shuffle Posts In Your Queue

Sometimes you may want to make adjustments to the order of scheduled posts in the Queue. You can do so by manually re-ordering, or shuffling your posts!

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Video Walkthrough

πŸŽ₯ For a more detailed explanation on the Queue, be sure to watch the video walkthrough! Skip to 1:38 for a tutorial on how to view re-order and shuffle posts in your Queue 😊 

How To Re-Order Posts Manually

1. Navigate to the Queue and ensure you're in 'List' view

2. When viewing the posts in your Queue,you will see a cross-arrows icon next to each post

3. Click on the cross-arrows next to the post you'd like to reorder. This will automatically filter your Queue for the right Profile and Category combination 

4. You can now drag-and-drop posts within this Sub-Queue to a new order πŸŽ‰ 

The order you drag the posts to will be the order in which they are published to your selected Profiles 😊  

5. If you'd like to send a post to either the top or bottom of your Queue, please check out these helpful articles to learn how!

How To Shuffle Posts In Your Queue

1. If you want to randomize your content entirely, inside of your on Queue, click the β€œShuffle” option in the top-right. This will shuffle all posts that are currently visible in your Queue:

Note: Shuffling will only affect posts that are scheduled to Timeslots in your Posting Plan. It will not re-order posts that you have scheduled for a specific date and time. 

2. A pop-up confirmation window will appear and you can let fate decide the order of your posts! 🎲

πŸ’‘ Make sure to use the filters on the left to view only the single Profile or Category that you want to shuffle. 

Can I Unshuffle Posts? 

The reason we require confirmation for shuffling is that once you commit, and shuffle your Queue, it cannot be undone.
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