How To Curate Posts From Social Media

SmarterQueue lets you curate content from any social media channel - search hashtags, keywords, and more!

This will allow you to find content that already works from your favorite influencers, competitors, or brands that you follow, and quickly fill your Queue. 

How To Curate From Social Media

You can easily find content relevant to your audience and share it by following a few easy steps: 
1.  Using the top menu bar navigate to 'Find Content'.   
2. Select 'Curate from social media' from the available options.
3. Using the search bar, you will be able to find and curate content from:  
  • anyone's Twitter profile or Facebook page, with the help of a quick search by profile name;
  • the Pinterest boards that you follow;
  • other searches inside Twitter, such as those for hashtags, keywords, Twitter lists, or home timeline.
NoteKeep in mind Videos and GIFs cannot be pulled via Find Content. For these posts, the media will be published as a static image, and for some platforms with a link to the video. 

Note: If you'd like to curate content from your own social media profiles, check out this article on  How To Re-Share Your Best Posts !

4. Once you've found the content you're looking for, you can then quickly import your posts one by one or quickly fill your Queue by importing in bulk

Take a look at these quick steps on how to easily re-share Posts from Facebook and Twitter, as well as from your personal Pinterest Boards or those that you follow