Beta: What Is Social Inbox?

Social Inbox is SmarterQueue's latest feature which is very close to being released in closed beta! If you have an active SmarterQueue account and you'd like to join our exclusive beta group to share your feedback on this exciting new feature, please let us know

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What Is Social Inbox?

Social Inbox is a feature that allows you to respond to direct messages on Facebook Pages and Twitter. 

This means that you no longer have to jump between Facebook and Twitter to respond to messages - You can conveniently handle and reply all from within SmarterQueue.

How Will The Inbox Help Me?

Social inbox saves you even more time, and banishes inbox inconvenience! You will immediately notice 3 major benefits...

  • Convenience: You can handle DM's from one place. You do not have to jump back and forth between platforms.
  • Time: Not having to switch between profiles saves you time which can be used for more important stuff!
  • Simplicity: No difficult steps to follow. No tricky processes. No confusing column view. We've made Social Inbox as simple as can be to respond to your messages. 

How Do I Find Social Inbox?

Finding the Social Inbox is easy - you can head to 'Inbox' from the main navigation bar on your SmarterQueue account:

This will take you straight to Social Inbox!

How Do I Use Social Inbox?

When inside Social Inbox you can see all direct messages for all connected Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts on the Left Pane:

You can choose to view 'All Profiles', which pulls up our Profile Selector:

After using the Profile Selector and selecting the profile inbox you'd like to work on, you will see, in list order, all of your direct messages for that specific profile. 

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Select the message you want to respond to
  2. Type your reply in the Reply Area
  3. And hit 'submit' to send your message

If you have any feedback, please let us know

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