Using SmarterQueue On Your Android Mobile Device

Whether you're on the go or away from your computer, you can still get things done via SmarterQueue by using your Android Mobile Device. 💪

Download the SmarterQueue Mobile App to publish your Instagram posts, or access SmarterQueue on your Mobile Browser, which will display your account similarly to how you see it on your computer. 

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The SmarterQueue Mobile App

The SmarterQueue Android Mobile App allows you to publish your scheduled Instagram posts with just a few easy steps. 

Your content is pushed to your smartphone via the Mobile App where you can publish them according to your predetermined schedule.

Whether you're sending out posts to your Instagram feed or publishing Stories, the SmarterQueue Android Mobile App has you covered. ✨

Create And Edit Posts

The SmarterQueue Dashboard is easily accessible from your Mobile Browser on your Android device. Simply go to log in and start creating and editing your posts, just like you would on your computer. 

  • Once you are logged in, click on Create A Post.

  • This is going to take you to the Post Editor. Once here, select the Category and Social Profile(s) you want to publish the post on.

  • Add your text, link, and/or media content to the post.

  • Select the Post Timing and Evergreen options.

  • Before saving, you can click on Preview and see what the post will look like when published.

  • Then go back to Edit Post and hit SAVE 💪

Your post has now been successfully scheduled! 🎉 You can view it if you head over to your Queue, or even edit it, by selecting the pencil icon. 

Manage Your Queue

You will also be able to see all the content waiting to be published in your SmarterQueue account, as well as easily re-arrange it within your Mobile Browser, just as you normally would on your computer. 

Pro Tip: use the filters on the left-hand side to look for your newly added post or check for content under specific Categories, Social Profiles, Post, or Content type.

View Analytics And Reports

You can also use access your Analytics and Reports within your Mobile Browser. This way, you can check metrics on both your Social Profiles as well as those belonging to your competitors on the go. 

With the help of Analytics, you can identify which posts are doing well for you, as well as the ones that need some love. 

Manage Profiles And Categories

You can easily manage all your Social Profiles and Categories on your Android Mobile Device by using SmarterQueue on your Mobile Browser.

Inside  Profiles, you can connect new Social Profiles, Re-connect the existing ones, or delete them from your SmarterQueue account. 

And if you head over to   Categories in your SmarterQueue Mobile App, you can easily add new Categories, edit existing ones, or delete them. 

Reply To Inbox Messages

You don't need to be sitting at your computer to interact with your followers within your Social Profiles. SmarterQueue's Social Inbox feature can easily be used from your Mobile Browser on your Android Device.

Quickly check and respond to messages received on your Facebook and Twitter profiles on the go. 

You can also add new Social Profiles to Social Inbox from within the SmarterQueue Mobile App as well as delete the existing ones. 

Manage Your Account And Settings

And of course, you can just as easily update anything from your general settings to pausing options for the Queue or upgrading your subscription to a higher plan.

💡 The following features are not currently available on mobile devices:

◦ Weekly/Monthly view of your Queue
◦ Posting Plan
◦ Find Content
◦ Engage