Can I View My Analytics History From Before I Joined SmarterQueue?

Yes, you can absolutely view your historical analytics for your Social Profiles from before you joined SmarterQueue 💪This is a great way to quickly surface information for what was already working with your social strategy! 

To access your historical analytics, follow these easy steps! 

1. Navigate to Analytics, then Analyse Social Profiles.

2. Click on the tab for the relevant social network then select the connected Social Profile you'd like to analyze.

💡 If your plan includes Advanced Analytics, then you can also look up any Facebook Page or Twitter Profile using the search bar! This is great to be able to learn from your competition and peers to jump-start your social strategy 💪

3. Once you have selected an account, choose a date range then click "Analyse".

4. Your results will load below! 🎉

5. For more information on how to interpret your results, please check out this article: How To Interpret Your Results From Analyze A Social Profile

Note: Once you start publishing through SmarterQueue, you'll also get access to a host of other analytics for your specific Categories inside of "Reports" . Check out our in-depth walkthrough here on How To Read & Interpret Reports!