Social Media Template For Social Media Managers And Agencies

Changes to Facebook Groups Publishing

Facebook unexpectedly decided to remove Groups API access, preventing any third-party tools, including SmarterQueue, from interacting with your Facebook Groups. After April 22nd, 2024, SmarterQueue will no longer be able to publish directly to groups you manage. You can still schedule posts for these groups, but will receive email notifications for easy manual posting instead. You may also wish to consider transitioning to a Facebook Page for better engagement.

Being present on Social Media has become invaluable for businesses! With SmarterQueue, you can easily plan your content to attract customers, champion brands, enhance the profile of your business, and build a devoted following, both for yourself and your clients. 💪 

💡 As a Social Media Manager, use  Categories to keep your clients' social profiles organized, curate amazing content and maintain control on what's being published and when, while your  Posting Plan will ensure that you're posting a balanced content mix across all platforms. 

And while getting started with social for a new customer or with a new tool can sometimes be scary, it has never been easier with Category and Posting Plan templates and recommendations from SmarterQueue 💪

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Your Categories Template

As a Social Media Manager, Categories are going to be the best tool at your disposal to keep your clients and their content organized. 

You can easily color-code your Categories for your clients, and even ensure that only the social profiles for each client are available to use with their Categories

In the image above we can see an example where we've used color coding to separate our own categories (in green), as well as those belonging to two of our clients. The names of the Categories also reflect for whom they will be used, as well as how content will be curated. 

We even made sure that only our personal social profiles are paired with Categories used for our content, and we did the same for our clients.

💡 Using Categories this way won't just help you organize content, but also filter your Queue, generate client-specific Analytics, and pause publishing only for certain Categories

What Categories Should I Use? 

The content you publish on Social Media will be different, as you're planning for different types of clients, as well as for your own audience. You need to promote different brands, products, and services, as well as be useful to your audience. 

That's why we've come up with recommendations on what  Categories you should be creating and using to curate your posts and set your social media presence up for success âœ¨ 

Check out these templates, based on your clients' personas, as well as your own:

Note: keep in mind to combine and adapt these templates based on your clients, using color-coding and Category/Social Profile pairing to keep everything organized.  

Your Posting Plan Template

In setting up your first Posting Plan, you need to make sure that your content mix is balanced, strategic, and consistent across your Social Profiles, to keep your audience engaged and increase your traffic.

As you've created color-coded categories for each of your clients, successfully paired with the right social profiles, you will be able to use them in an over-arching Posting Plan that will ensure that the right posts go out at the right time for the right platforms. 

Here is our recommendation on how you can get started setting up your initial  Posting Plan to publish your carefully curated content and achieve your social media goals âœ¨ 

Check out these templates, based on your clients' personas, as well as your own:

Note: keep in mind to combine and adapt these templates based on your clients and their publishing needs.   

This Posting Plan template is a great starting point that ensures you share posts for each of the recommended Categories. You can adjust based on the Social Profiles you've decided to create a presence on. 

If you're just starting out and don't yet have any or enough content ready for all of them, you can remove some of the Timeslots or replace some with more posts curated from external sources. 

Adjusting As You Grow

As you publish your content, you'll be able to check what is working well and what needs to be adjusted.  

Here's what you can do to adapt your Posting Plan to your needs and get the highest engagement out of your content: 

1. You will want to publish your posts during the times that your target audience is online. If your audience is located all over the world and not just in your location, you’ll have to adjust your Posting Plan.

Get to know your audience and where they're located and see if you need to duplicate or adjust the template from multiple time zones

2. Use Analyze a Social Profile to see when you're getting the most engagement and try adapting your Posting Plan to send content out when it's getting the most attention. Check out more recommendations on When Are The Best Times For Me To Post?

💡 Keep in mind that you can use  Analyze a Social Profile to check the social profiles of your competitors or other successful businesses in your market, to see what's working for them, and apply to your social media presence as well.