Creating And Sharing Content As A Social Media Manager Or Agency

Congratulations! Now that you've nailed setting up your Categories and Posting Plan for all the clients you manage, let's start working on a kick-ass content strategy for them and for you! 🎉

A good Social Media Strategy is going to help improve brand awareness around your clients' businesses and eventually help you build a name for yourself as well in the industry. 

As a stepping stone, make sure you've double-checked what type of content you should be sharing and how to curate it. Once done, we've got you covered on the next steps too. 😊

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Best Practices For Creating And Sharing Content

As a Social Media Manager / Agency you're bound to have a proven strategy that you've adapted to your clients to help them achieve their goals.  But just in case you're starting out, or looking for some extra pointers, SmarterQueue is here to help 💪

1. Quality Over Quantity!

Creating and publishing good content is great and achievable, but as a Social Media Manager, you should make sure that you're backing up the real qualities of what you're promoting, as well as finding that balance between helping your audience with great information and keeping them entertained. 

Try to figure out what content works best with your audience by using Variations. This will allow you to A/B test multiple media and captions to see what your audience responds to and then focus on what makes that post high quality. 

Another way to look at what type of content gets more engagement is through Analyzing a Social Profile. You will be able to see what types of posts are getting attention, what content works better, which of your hashtags are generating more engagement, as well as what are the best times to post

  1. Take Advantage Of Your Existing Social Media Content

It's not just about creating new content, as existing content can get more engagement from newer followers. SmarterQueue lets you recycle content with the help of our Evergreen feature, making sure that your best content has a chance to shine.

Also, by re-sharing content from your connected social media profiles, you would be able to bring in content that was used before you started with SmarterQueue, or before your client started using your services. This way you take advantage of every successful post at your disposal. 

3. Engage With Your Audience

People use Social Media because they like being social and interacting with their favorite bloggers, brands, influencers, etc. 

That is why it's incredibly important to engage with your client's followers as much as possible and post content that encourages them to interact with you and each other.  Ask them about upcoming features, request regular feedback, launch giveaways, and more. 

In time, they'll help you build or adapt your existing strategy and  you'll also have a loyal community around any brand or business you're promoting, that will help them grow.

4. Start Working On New Posts

New content is hard to figure out. That's why we wanted to help get you started with some quick, ready-to-go posts that match the Categories we've recommended. 

Once you've got SmarterQueue publishing and have more time to focus, start working on your next batch of posts: 

  • Cross-posting is very important. Use all the major Social Platforms and get followers from each to follow on the others too by being social.
  • Use media, as visuals are very important in getting engagement. Try to use video content for Facebook, great original images for Pinterest,  while both would work for Instagram. 
  • Try to use images that are tailored around the preferred dimensions for each platform
  • Recycle your content, especially if it’s good content. The same piece of content can easily go out around 6 times a year for good results.

Content CSV Download For Social Media Managers & Agencies

To give you an idea of what sort of content would work best for you and your clients, we'd recommend you take a look at the post templates we've created based on personas:

Some of them would require that you make edits to adapt to your clients or your own content, like add a Blog/Product/Service/Brand name in the space allotted as shown below:

The template is ready to import based on the Categories we've recommended for each persona, which you can check out here: 

However, you would have to select the dates and times for when everything should be published. 

You could also simply add these posts to your Queue, but not before making minor edits to give a more personalized touch. 

💡 When editing, you might see special characters shown in the text component of the post. Depending on the software you use when opening the CSV, any emojis in the posts might be displayed as special characters. When importing in SmarterQueue the emojis will be displayed instead.