What Makes SmarterQueue The Best Sprout Social Alternative

Social media management is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy, so of course, it's incredibly important to choose the right tool for the job. 

SmarterQueue is the more powerful, flexible alternative to Sprout Social. More robust. More Flexible. More value for money. 💪

More than advanced scheduling, SmarterQueue offers in-depth analytics and content curation tools that take your social media to the next level. And all that while letting you create your own affordable bespoke plan that can grow as your needs grow

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6 Reasons Why SmarterQueue Is The Best Sprout Social Alternative

SmarterQueue is the smartest all-in-one social media management tool for savvy marketers. Automate scheduling to your favorite social platforms, bulk-import from blogs and social feeds, and get weekly reports full of useful insights; SmarterQueue has it all.

Boost Engagement With Content Recycling

While both SmarterQueue & Sprout Social promote original content and post individuality, we feel that this should not limit your publishing capabilities. This is why we offer you the tools to achieve your social media goals by taking full advantage of your best content and recycling it. 

On average less than 5% of your audience will see your content, and that too if they're online after you publish the post, so  make sure every post gets seen, not wasted. ♻

With the help of SmarterQueue, you can automatically recycle your Evergreen content, at the frequency you choose, until the date you select: giving you up to 10x more reach. We even offer Twitter-compliant post recycling, in line with their rules and guidelines around Spam. 

Gone are the days of manually re-scheduling your blog posts every week. Simply fill your Queue with evergreen content, and your posts will be recycled for as long as you want, so it never runs out. 

And that's not all. You can  use Variations to post different text and images each time it gets recycled. This doesn't just allow you to keep your Evergreen content fresh and unique, but also gives you the chance to A/B test image and text options and see what your audience responds to! 

Plus, SmarterQueue retains a copy of every post forever. You can store seasonal posts, or resurrect old content with just one click.

Advanced Cross-Posting And Optimization For Each Social Profile

SmarterQueue & Sprout Social both let you create posts for all of your social profiles at the same time, however, SmarterQueue goes a step further by enabling you to customize your text for each social platform.

This way you can also account for character limits, tone of voice, add hashtags for your Instagram & Twitter Profiles, and any specific terms you might use based on your audience for each platform. 

Not only that but you can also mention other Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles, Instagram Profiles & Linkedin Company Pages in your posts, something that is only available for Twitter in Sprout Social.

Our Post Editor streamlines your work and offers a better "Create a post" user experience, with always-visible post previews that update in real-time. No more separate workflows!

You can even add a First Comment to your Facebook Page, Instagram, or LinkedIn Company Page posts, all in one place to further boost your engagement..✨

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Find & Re-Share Proven Content From Multiple Sources Including Your Own

You might not always have great content ideas and that's where the Find Content feature comes in handy. You can easily find recent, relevant, and inspiring new content that is proven to get engagement, using our content discovery tools, image search, and smart filters. 

If you just started your journey with SmarterQueue, you can pull in the best performing posts from any of your Social Profile Feeds into your Queue and showcase them to your newest followers.

Apart from that, you  can also set up auto-importers to pull content from your favorite YouTube channels or playlists, Google alerts, Feedly bookmarks, or even from others' blogs or social media profiles.

And you can even import directly as you browse the internet, with our Chrome Extension, or Bookmarklet (if you're using a different browser). 

Amazing Free Content Library

Search for the perfect image or GIF to go with the theme of your post, and get 2x more engagement. Choose from millions of images via Giphy, Unsplash, and Pixabay, all royalty-free and ready to use.

With the help of these integrations, you won't have to look outside of SmarterQueue for the perfect media to go with your text, and as a result, be more agile when it comes to creating amazing content.

Any media you use will be automatically saved in your own Media Library so that it can be reused down the road. 

Your Media Library includes any media you’ve uploaded to SmarterQueue, Canva designs that you've created or imported from Canva.com, as well as any media that you have curated from third parties (both web and social) and shared from your SmarterQueue account.

Advanced Scheduling Options & Automation

By now you've realized that adding quality content to your Queue is fairly easy with the help of SmarterQueue.

To take it a step further, you can also  automate publishing by setting up your Posting Plan. While you can also take the Sprout Social route and schedule content to specific dates and times, you won't have to keep track of each social profile's schedule anymore. 

Easily organize your content into Categories and set up your recurring Posting Plan, with Timeslots that can cover individual Social Profiles or enable quick and easy cross-posting. Then each time you add a post to any of your Categories, SmarterQueue will send it right to the Queue and take it from there. 💪 

Unlike Sprout Social, you can schedule key posts manually to one or more specific dates, or even create recurring posts that repeat on the exact cycle you choose, whether it's once every 4 days, once every 2 weeks, or every year on your favorite Holiday. This allows your publishing to be far more flexible and also gives you more control over when the content goes out.  

Think of the Smart Queueing system as a spare pair of hands working alongside you to maintain your ideal content mix.

Great Price, Value For Money, Custom Plans

We understand that our customers' needs are unique, so we've broken down our Plans into three different affordable options:  Solo, Business, and Agency.

And that's not all, as you can always use the Custom tier to create your own bespoke plan. This allows you access to the features you need as paid add-ons and gives you room to grow your plan as your business or social media goals grow.

Whichever way you look at it,  SmarterQueue is the more affordable option, with a wider range of features to set you up for success. We've just made it more value for money, with a starting price of $24.99 USD (monthly value) compared to Sprout Social's $89 USD monthly value. 

You can see the prices for each Plan on our Pricing page. 

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