What Makes SmarterQueue The Best MeetEdgar Alternative

Social media management is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy, so of course, it's incredibly important to choose the right tool for the job. 

SmarterQueue is the more robust, consistent alternative to MeetEdgar. More balanced. More reliable. More value for money. 💪

More than advanced scheduling, SmarterQueue offers in-depth analytics and content curation tools that take your social media to the next level. And all that while letting you create your own affordable bespoke plan that can grow as your needs grow

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5 Reasons Why SmarterQueue Is The Best MeetEdgar Alternative

SmarterQueue is the smartest all-in-one social media management tool for savvy marketers. Automate scheduling to your favorite social platforms, bulk-import from blogs and social feeds, and get weekly reports full of useful insights; SmarterQueue has it all.

Smarter Recycling For All Of Your Social Profiles

Normally, less than 5% of your audience will see your posts, and only if they're online soon after you post them, so make sure every post gets seen, not wasted. ♻

SmarterQueue lets you automatically recycle your Evergreen posts, at the frequency you choose, until the date you select: giving you up to 10x more reach. 

And while Edgar also offers content recycling, SmarterQueue goes one step further by providing Twitter-compliant post recycling. By retweeting your content, we'll get you the extra engagement your content deserves and keep your profile in line with Twitter rules and guidelines around Spam.

You can still  use Variations to post different text and images and keep your content fresh, or even A/B test content to see what your audience reacts to, but this is no longer your only option for Twitter. 

On top of that, we allow you to arrange your Queue however you want, mixing Evergreen content with new content and maintaining a balanced stream of posts that showcases the best of both. 

And if you need to publish something daily, weekly, yearly, or have specific content that only works on Mondays, you can now use recurring posts. With so many scheduling options, you can't go wrong. 💪

Advanced Cross-Posting And Optimization For Each Social Profile

With SmarterQueue, you can create posts for all of your social profiles at the same time, while also being able to customize your text for each social platform. 

This way you can also account for character limits, mentions for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, tone of voice, hashtags, and any specific terms you might use based on your audience for each platform. You can't be sliding into anyone's DMs on Pinterest now, can you? 📱 

Our Post Editor streamlines your work and offers a better "Create a post" user experience, with always-visible post previews that update in real-time. No more separate workflows! You can even add a First Comment to your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn post, all in one place.✨

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A Media Powerhouse

Media is one of the most important components of your social media content. That's why we made SmarterQueue a media powerhouse, with a ton of options available to bring the best media to your posts. 

Search for the perfect image or GIF to accompany your post, and get 2x more engagement. Choose from millions of images via Giphy, Unsplash, and Pixabay, all royalty-free and ready to use. 

Or better yet, use our Canva integration to bring in all the amazing designs that you've created on Canva.com

And that's not all, upload an image (or multiple images at once), a video, or a GIF using a file from your computer, or copy an image from the web, using the image public URL. 

And on top of that, all of the media you use for your posts gets automatically saved in your own Media Library

This includes any media you’ve uploaded to SmarterQueue, Canva designs that you've created or imported from Canva.com, as well as any media that you have curated from third parties (both web and social) and shared from your SmarterQueue account.

In-Depth Analytics For Data-Driven Decisions

SmarterQueue reports are easy to understand and full of actionable insights.

Compare performance between Categories and post types, see the most effective times to post, and benchmark your performance against competitors, by analyzing and comparing social profiles and their entire activity.

You can even sort your past posts by likes, shares, or clicks, to see which posts your audience liked best, and easily re-queue them.

Balanced Pricing, Custom Options, And More Time To Decide

While MeetEdgar does start for a slightly lower price than SmarterQueue, we're making sure you're getting more value for your money. 💸

With SmarterQueue, you start at 4 social profiles, 10 Content Categories, and access to all of the scheduling and content curation features that we've been talking about. 💪

We understand that our customers' needs are unique, so we've broken down our Plans into three different affordable options:  SoloBusiness, and Agency. On top of that, we offer the option of building your own Custom Plan.

And we'll also give you a 14-day free trial, compared to Edgar's 7-day trial, because we want to make sure you have the time to see what SmarterQueue can do for you: no credit card required.

Only once you've set up your Posting Plan and queued up your first post does your 14-day trial period begin. And you can pause your Queue if you don't want to start publishing posts just yet.

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