Creating And Sharing Content As A Blogger

Congratulations! Now that you've set up your Categories and Posting Plan, it's time to start adding content to your Queue. 🎉

Great, meaningful content will be vital for your social media marketing strategy. It will help promote both your blog and yourself, engage with your followers, and add value to the time they spend "with you". 

First, check out what type of content you should be sharing and how to curate it. Then, if you're having trouble filling up your Queue, we've got you covered! 💪

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Best Practices For Creating And Sharing Content

Having a well-executed social media strategy can go a long way in increasing awareness around your blog, helping you grow a larger audience, and connecting with your followers better. 

Here are our best practices for creating and sharing content

1. Take Advantage Of Your Existing Social Media Content

If you've already created and shared good posts in the past, they can now be repurposed as Evergreen content and be easily integrated into your Queue! 

All you would need to do is re-share content from your connected social media profiles. With your audience growing, content that served you well in the past can be put in front of your newer followers and bring additional engagement and traffic to your blog. 

2. Use Your Existing External Resources

Start bringing in your blog posts and sharing them with your audience. Set up RSS auto-importers to check your blog and automatically publish every new entry as it comes up. 

In fact, import your existing blog posts too, either one by one or in bulk, to make sure that newer followers get a chance to check out past blog entries they might not know of. 

3. Start Working On New Posts

New content is hard to figure out. That's why we wanted to help get you started with some quick, ready-to-go posts that match the Categories we've recommended. 

Once you've got SmarterQueue publishing and have more time to focus, start working on your next batch of posts: 

  • Cross-posting is very important. Use all the major Social Platforms and get followers from each to follow on the others too by being social.
  • Use media, as visuals are very important in getting engagement. Try to use video content for Facebook, great original images for Pinterest,  while both would work for Instagram. 
  • Try to use images that are tailored around the preferred dimensions for each platform
  • Recycle your content, especially if it’s good content. The same piece of content can easily go out around 6 times a year for good results.

4. Get To Know Your Audience Better

Try to figure out what content works with your audience by using Variations. This will allow you to A/B test multiple media and captions to see what your audience responds to. 

You can always look at what your audience is doing by Analyzing a Social Profile. You will be able to see what types of posts are getting attention, what content works better, which of your hashtags are generating more engagement, as well as what are the best times to post

5. Look At Other Successful Blogs

The Analyze a Social Profile feature will also allow you to look at others' Social Profiles too. This way, you can check what your competitors are doing, or figure out what people are responding to for your favorite bloggers and influencers.

At the end of the day, you have a similar, if not the same, target audience, and what works for them could also work for you.

On top of that, you can easily import content from any social media profiles: re-share posts from Facebook, and Instagram, re-share pins from Pinterest , or YouTube Channels or playlists, and increase both your exposure and that of the people you follow.

Content CSV Download For Bloggers

In order to get you up and running asap, we've gone ahead and created a few posts that should resonate with you, as well as give you ideas to create more content. 

The CSV file contains posts that would allow you to promote a certain blog post, interact with your audience, check what the way would like to see from you, and more.  

You can download the Social Media Content for Bloggers here: Bloggers Posts Template 💪
Also, don't forget to check out our  Social Media Calendar for 2022-2023 Content Download

Download Content Ideas CSV For Bloggers

A few of the posts require you to add relevant links or images, such as posts in which you would be promoting a blog entry. Remember, posts with media always get more engagement as compared to plain text, so make good use of the images.

Some of them would require that you enter your Blog/Product name in the space allotted as shown below:

The template is ready to import based on the recommended Categories for the posts, however, you would have to select the dates and times for when everything should be published. 

You could also simply add these posts to your Queue, but not before making minor edits to give a more personalized touch. 

💡 When editing, you might see special characters shown in the text component of the post. Depending on the software you use when opening the CSV, any emojis in the posts might be displayed as special characters. When importing in SmarterQueue the emojis will be displayed instead.