SmarterQueue Feature Overview

SmarterQueue is the smartest all-in-one social media management tool for savvy marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. ✨

To take full advantage of all its time-saving capabilities, see below a list of its amazing set features. Look for the features you need and check how to best use them to achieve your social media goals today. 💪

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Content Curation

  1. Find Content: a great way to curate existing posts from social media feeds for Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, from blogs, YouTube Channels or playlists, Google Alerts you've set up, and more
  2. Auto-Importers: import content from RSS feeds, podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs and publish it to your social media profiles, all automatically 
  3. Bulk import: add up to 200 posts at once from CSV, Excel, Google Sheet, or Spreadsheet in just a few seconds, or import from social feeds, blogs, YouTube Channels, etc. in bulk.
  4. Bookmark go-to sources: save RSS or social sources and easily search within them to find specific content to share
  5. Royalty-free media libraries: Easily add content from integrated photo and GIF libraries – Giphy, Unsplash, Pixabay
  6. My Media: Easily access your uploaded branded assets from your searchable media library
  7. Chrome Extension / Bookmarklet: Share while you browse with the Chrome Extension or browser Bookmarklet


  1. Categories: divide content into color-coded Categories for balanced scheduling and clear reporting
  2. Seasonal Categories: use seasonal Categories for time-limited promotions, campaigns, events, partnerships, or holidays
  3. Posting Plan: set up custom Posting Plans for each Category and Social Profile, so you don’t need to think about manual publishing times
  4. Queue: keep track of all your scheduled content in one place, view your queued posts as a list or weekly/monthly calendar, filter your Queue by Category, social network, content type, or search term, as well as re-order or shuffle the posts in your Queue at any time
  5. Pause Publishing: you can pause individual sub-Queues (based on Category and/or Social Profiles), or your whole Queue whenever you need
  6. Visual Instagram Planner: preview your Instagram feed (past and future posts together) and drag to reorder your upcoming content
  7. Editing: preview how your posts will look when published and edit related posts for each social media platform
  8. Drafts: create draft/template posts to easily save content for later

  9. Post Editor

    1. Cross-Posting Customization: add custom text per Social Profile when creating content for multiple social platforms at the same time
    2. Variations: create multiple Variations of your post, with alternate text and/or media so it’s fresh each time it’s recycled
    3. Evergreen recycling: set your posts to recycle with Evergreen post recycling, with the option to expire on a specific date, after a certain number of posts, or continue indefinitely
    4. Instagram publishingcreate single-image or carousel posts for Instagram, publish videos to your feed or to Reels, or add to your Stories
    5. Snippets: create reusable text Snippets to add to posts in just one click
    6. Bitly: add multiple Bitly accounts to shorten and track links, and even customize the usage/domain per each Social Profile 
    7. UTM Tracking: add customizable UTM tracking automatically
    8. Social Mentions: tag Facebook and Twitter accounts while creating posts
    9. Pinterest publishing: select your board and personalize your title and description for your Pinterest pins 
    10. Emoji Keyboard: easily add emojis to your posts with the Emoji Keyboard


    1. Past Posts: look up detailed information for all your past posts, review stats for each Evergreen cycle, or aggregated across all cycles, and re-share your best-performing ones with one click 
    2. Reports: create robust reports for any of your connected Social Profiles, view and compare insights and stats per Category and evaluate some of your most important posting habits
    3. Weekly & Monthly Social Performance: view weekly/monthly reports per profile and get weekly stats directly to your email 
    4. Analyze Social Profiles: analyze any public Facebook profile, and your own Instagram/Pinterest profiles, view insights for top posts, top hashtags/mentions, check the best time to post (engagement chart by day/hour) and see how your competitors are doing and what social strategies are working right now
    5. Instagram Top Nine: share a grid of your top nine Instagram posts of the year, either your most liked or most commented posts
    6. Export post stats as CSV

    Social Listening and Engagement Tools

    1. Social Inbox: View and reply to all of your Facebook Pages' direct messages from here
    2. Engage:  monitor other Facebook Pages by using a search term or Facebook Page URL, view you social timelines, or like and share Facebook posts


    1. Help Center: 300+ detailed Knowledge Base articles and 30+ helpful video guides 
    2. Direct Support: email support within 24 hours and live chat, all year round, with regularly awarded 100% customer satisfaction